DDRとは Discussion and Discovery Roomのことです。ここは生徒がネイティブの教員(アメリカ、イギリス、ルーマニア、オーストラリア、ノルウェー出身の5名)と自然に自由に会話できる特別教室です。主に少人数の英会話の授業でこの部屋を利用しますが、雰囲気は普段の教室よりもリラックスできる感じで、生徒は英語劇やプレゼンテーションなどアクティブな活動に挑戦することができます。タブレットなどICTを活用した英語での自己表現の練習や、身体を動かしてのスピーチ学習なども行います。

What is the DDR?

The Discussion and Discovery Room (DDR) is a place where you can practice natural English
with native teachers in your free time. This room allows you to think, speak and behave in
creative ways.
It is a relaxed atmosphere where you can challenge new, active style lessons in an
environment which is much different to regular Japanese classrooms.

We use the room for conversation classes. But you can also:

  • read and borrow English books and magazines
  • discuss study abroad opportunities
  • use technology (ICTs) to express your English ideas
  • work in groups
  • enter speech competitions
  • present short performances and presentations
  • free talk with teachers (man to man)
  • practice for tests like Eiken, TEAP and the University Entrance Examination
  • share overseas travel experiences
  • get support with homework from all English subjects
  • learn about foreign culture
  • follow international news in English

Students at Tokyo Seitoku, often come to talk about their interests. It’s also a good
opportunity to hear native teachers talk about their home countries. Please come and visit
us anytime in the DDR! We’re waiting for you.